PES 2020 beginner’s guide

PES 2020 beginner’s guide

In “Pro Evolution Soccer 2020” players can now get the ball slammed in the stomach – or in the crotch, which makes them briefly incapacitated. Also new is the tactic “Position loyalty”. And, oh yes, and you can now specifically commit a tactical foul. There are more exciting things than such adjustments.

The two well-established series “Fifa” and “Pro Evolution Soccer” (“PES”) produce new full-price games each year. However, fundamental innovations such as a street football mode announced for “Fifa 2020” , in which male and female figures play together for the first time, are rare bright spots.

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All you need to know about PES 2020

PES 2020 finesse dribble tutorial

Konami wants to position its game more as an e-sports title under the name “eFootball PES 2020” – and perhaps put it closer to “Fifa” in alphabetically sorted game summaries. move. The competitor sells a lot better, also in UK “Fifa” is played by many more players ( and sometimes hated ).

“The ball, it’s rolling.”

Practically – I can say that with 15 years of “PES” experience – remains “PES” but “PES”: a football-inspired grandiose football simulation , but beyond the matches but lacking the finishing touches and quarrels with the online age. Again.


The omnipresent loading screens could hardly be more. At “Fifa” minigames often sweeten the wait, “PES” at best offers tips in gray text boxes.

The training mode is almost one to one like its predecessor and requires a very high frustration tolerance.

The commentator duo annoys fast as usual, with sentences like “Time is ticking – and time is ticking for them”. Ten minutes after kick-off, it notes, “The ball is rolling.”

Well-known oddities remain in the game: For example, games between computer teams never end 2: 1 or 1: 2.

Some interesting “PES” modes such as the “random selection game” and “Versus” are again only offline usable. Online, there are lovelessly designed challenges, such as the “Divisions,” in which you impersonally duel with any players anywhere in the world. Also, the game variant of “PES” used in e-sports tournaments, in which the strengths and forms of teams are adjusted, can not again play over the net against friends. So much for the e-sports focus.

The games are fun

All this is annoying, because the games in “PES 2020” are fun and demanding – even against the computer, especially against human opponents and in the “co-op” mode, in which two or three players together take over a team.

“PES 2020” gives players the feeling of having their team under control. Goals are not always, but often enough, explained by their own failure. Goals, on the other hand, have to be worked out, which makes them all the more satisfying.

Compared to “PES 2019”, the action has been slowed down a bit, which makes the game feel good, as well as the greater focus on the physique of the players, supplemented by new dribble options. The referees seem to whistle less pettishly in the full versions again than in the demo version.

Visually, hardly anything has changed. The graphics still appeal, even on a normal Playstation 4. Especially the player animations are impressively close to reality, stars are often already recognizable by their movements and their style of play. The stadium atmosphere is meanwhile mau.

Hardly new at “MyClub”

In the modes, the “master league” was spiced up with new startup options and video sequences that will soon be skipped. The player career “Become a legend” and “MyClub”, the counterpart to the main “Fifa” online mode “Ultimate Team”, on the other hand, seem to stagnate. New is for online players only the mode “Matchday”, in which many players at the same time replay current derbies and thereby hit a particular page.

France and Italy’s first league, for example, are in play with original data (including Juventus, which in “Fifa 20” will be called “Piemonte Calcio“). All English and Spanish clubs except Arsenal, Manchester United and FC Barcelona meanwhile provide real squad, but fake club names . Most national teams are authentically represented, in 2020 Konami delivers an EM update.

When filling the license gaps helps as usual a large editor. It can be used to add original data or import data sets from third parties. The offline part of the game can be spiced up so much.

Best with several on the couch

Best of all, “PES 2020” is clear when you like duels with other players on the couch next to you. For offline games, there are the most exciting game options, including e-sports settings. Here the game “Fifa 19” and its predecessor in the shade. Players with an online focus, on the other hand, still have a hard time loving “PES”. The few innovations that “PES 2020” offers, Konami could have delivered anytime via an update.

For fans it remains a game that looks a bit rounder than “PES 2019”. Newcomers get a sometimes tough, but very serious “Fifa 2020” alternative – albeit without sweets like street football.

Note about the article and the cadres in the game

Konami will only allow “final tests” of “PES 2020” from 16 September at 16 o’clock, since all summer transfers will be transferred to the game this Thursday. However, “PES 2020” officially appeared on 10th September. A first gameplay patch has also been released on Tuesday.

This article is therefore – this allows Konami’s default – to be understood as an “intermediate conclusion” of the author, who has tested the game since Friday in the offline and since Tuesday morning in online mode. That his final opinion on the game still fundamentally changes when transfers were added, is not expected.

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