PES 2020 finesse dribble tutorial

PES 2020 finesse dribble tutorial

eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 (PES 2020) will be launched with some new features. Developer Konami, for example, has incorporated a revised dribble system into football simulation, revises ball physics and introduces “intentional fouls”.

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All you need to know about PES 2020

PES has always been characterized by unusual ideas to stand out from the competition. Most of the time they had less to do with the actual gameplay, but still had a large external impact. Swallows button, and in PES 2020 there will be “intentional fouls”. While FIFA is scrupulously attentive to fair play, PES also takes a look at the “dirty” sides of the sport. Generally, the virtual footballers behaved on the lawn always a bit more complicated. also quarrelsome, as it is the case with the EA offshoot. That would also be part of football, the developers told us about the techniques in the game.

As part of the redesigned defense system, eFootball PES 2020 will include new animated stakes and “intentional fouls” to save “hopeless situations”. How that will look in the game should be just as exciting as the question of whether that also applies in eSports.

Improved ball handling and physics

The ball treatment will be another important point in PES 2020, which will greatly affect the gameplay as it stands. How the ball is processed on acceptance now depends more on the gaming intelligence of the virtual kicker. The playing style is also crucial and depends on how he processes the ball. Also new in this context is the “No Touch Control”, where the player can run next to the ball without touching it. There is also a feint called “Trick Trap”, which fools you in one direction, but instead runs in the opposite direction.

Inspired teammates in PES 2020

In the course of the new ball treatment mechanics the play style of the player affects also on his teammates. They are “inspired”. This should be felt by players with special dribbling skills or playmaker skills. The paths of the players adapt to this and give either more room to dribble or position themselves differently to get passes when a player with terrific passport values ​​has the ball.

eFootball PES 2020 will be released on September 10 for PS4, Xbox One and PC (Steam).

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