PES 2020 Review

PES 2020 Review

Konami soccer game hits gameplay improvements and very detailed look. But still suffers from problematic goalkeepers and simplicity in some ways.

PES 2020 is the latest title in Konami’s football franchise. Available for PS4 , Xbox One and PC, the game brings gameplay improvements and changes to major modes such as Liga Master and MyClub. In addition to having a greater focus on esports, which made the franchise add EFootball in its official name. Check out the full PES 2020 review:

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The annual improvements

Another year goes by and again the time has come to check out the evolution of the annual chapter of PES. A football franchise that began in the past and became popular in the 32-bit era. When it was still called Winning Eleven.

And with each new game there is a kind of improvement ritual to justify (or not) the investment in a new game. The previous one of which was released about a year ago. In the case of PES, the focus is always on the search for an ever closer version of perfection. To this end, the new title brought improvements in punctual elements, starting with the gameplay.

The game is even more cadenced, that is, with a slower movement. Which resembles the movements of the real players. Particularly, I found a big ball inside Konami. But there are a lot of people criticizing the change, claiming that it slowed the game. However, it is always worth remembering that there are options to increase the original speed.

The main change is due to the contact of the player with his opponents and other athletes. With this, the split becomes more real. With the ball taking a more random path and not always privileging one of the players involved.

The same goes for submissions, whose defenders seek to close the gap and may even change the way – whether or not to avoid the goal. In the tests, I scored a goal whose ball changed its course twice in two different contacts, which completely took the goalkeeper out of play.

Great Gameplay

Another system that I noticed a huge improvement was the passing system. PES 2020 now requires greater accuracy in directing the ball to its mate. This is very clear when there are two players in front of you. Before, automatically, the pass was made for the player with a better position. Now it is necessary to aim for the teammate, otherwise the ball will not have the correct destination.

Kicks also go through this more precise targeting. However, in this case it is more difficult to get used to. There were many moments face to face with the goalkeeper whose misdirection led me to miss a clear goal opportunity. It wasn’t a bad change, it just needs a while before players get used to it.

Finally, there is a new dribbling system that, while more efficient, still leaves a little to be desired. It is now possible to feint the opponent using the analog control, which facilitates the individual plays. But the moves are still pretty hard, and as much as they sometimes work. There’s no smoothness like real lawn dribbling.

Goalkeepers remain inefficient

While on one hand PES 2020 corrects many problems from the previous version. It is not yet this time that the game has eliminated one of its biggest calluses in the shoe: goalkeepers. It is unbelievable Konami’s neglect of athletes who have the most arduous role in football. Once again we are facing a title whose goalkeepers have bugs that directly affect the gameplay.

It is extremely disappointing to come across scenes of a late goalkeeper with an arm of T-Rex. Who leaps late, not out of goal, among other failures. Worst of all, the problem does not persist today. It’s been ten years in a row that I’ve been writing a review of the annual version of the PES franchise, and I’ve always been disappointed by the same problem.

The impression is that Konami ignores the situation or has not yet found a solution to something that ends up hurting others. For example, what’s the point of having a more real kicking system if that goalkeeper almost halfway through the goal accepts the goalkeeper more easily? Or have a defense that respects your mounted strategy, but when the opposing striker infiltrates, your goalkeeper is unable to get out of the goal to close the angle?

If Konami really seeks maximum realism in its football game, it is high time to stop and solve this longstanding problem. After all, what’s the point of creating an ambiance that faithfully reproduces a real football game, but with goalkeepers whose capacity verges on nonsense?

New camera impacts gameplay

One of the biggest drawbacks of PES 2020 is its new standard camera system. It makes the player feel on a TV broadcast, with a broader picture of the game, as well as a greater focus on certain individual plays. The proposal is bold and divides opinions. I side with those who liked the change, which, though very radical, fell like a glove in what ESP proposes: to have a realistic ambience of a football match.

This change is not only in the aesthetic part of the game, but also directly interferes with the gameplay. With a broader view, it is easier to plan moves, find athletes in a better position, and even be mindful of positioning your opponents for a counterattack.

It remains to be seen if this view will also be adopted in official PES 2020 competitions. Remembering that, as well as speed, there is the possibility of the player to switch the type of camera, including the one that until last year was standard in the franchise.

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